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I had met Nita in 2010 after many attempts to find the right osteopath in London to help me with my Recurrent back pain. I had been seeing many practitioners whom were recommending me long courses of treatment sessions with very poor results and high bills.

I saw Nita just twice and my back pain was already over. Since then i have been seeing her from time to time when ever i have needed her. She monitored my progress duration of both of my pregnancies and treated me accordingly. Nita has also treated my child with cranial osteopathy helping with his feeding patterns. She also helped me when i injured my knees.

I believe Nita is an excellent professional, extremely competent and reliable and her holistic approach and vast knowledge of the functioning human body allows her to constantly keep a 360 degree view of a patient's condition. I have also recommended Nita too many of my friends and relatives. They have all thanked me for introducing them to her. They have all found great benefit from the treatments. Nita is also a very nice person and is always extremely reachable and flexible.

Ms M. Dibert

I have been treated by Nita fortnightly for the last five years, and have found the results of her work to be excellent. She is always very interested in achieving the best results and has great attention to detail. She also has a very kind manners. I would recommend her highly.

Mrs J. Scott

What can I say except this young lady can work miracles with her hands? I had been in board meetings best part of the day and then during my last meeting as it was about to commence I felt my back give way. I sat through a 2 hour meeting in excruciating pain and almost passed out. I needed to be seen to as soon as possible. Lucky for me Nita Mistry was able to see me the very same day even though it was on a Friday evening and helped sort my back out. She explained what had occurred with my back and fixed me. I was grateful as I was able to go home pain free.

Thank you for all your help and advice which is greatly appreciated.

G C Bennett

Three years ago I had a frozen shoulder, my GP recommended me to see a specialist. I went to him, on his advice I did so. He looked at me and aware that I was in severe pain. He asked the nurse to give me a cortisone injection into the shoulder and they charged me £380. I was out of the door in less than ten minutes. Three months later I had the same problem again. When last month I had the same problem again, I called Nita whom I know from some osteopathic sessions we had in the last two years. It was a Saturday, I simply could not wait due to the severity of the pain. Despite being fully booked the entire week and Saturday morning made herself available by giving up her lunch break to see me. During the following three weeks I had several treatment sessions. Each time the pain reduced considerably with increasing movements of my arm. Every session she explained to me, the nature of the pain and how to manage it without the use of painkillers or medicines. What continuously impressed me about Nita is her first class professionalism coupled with natural empathy. She always works hard with a gentle friendly smile.

The only problem with Nita is that " she should charge considerably much more" for her efforts and the results of her treatment sessions.

Mr P Gallo

For years I have suffered with jaw pain that was out of place. At times I was too embarrassed to eat in front of other people, because of the awful clackety sound my mouth would make. I also had trouble digesting my food properly. For a long time I was miserable. I was told that to fix the problem i would need to surgery that would cost me $25,000 and then spend three days in the hospital. I thought there had to be a better way and there was Nita Mistry, an amazing osteopath. I was truly blessed when Nita fixed my jaw and changed my life forever. I am now free to live without this terrible pain.

Mrs E Gonzalez USA

Nita is deeply knowledgeable and inspirational osteopath. Her additional awareness of vitamins and in supplementary medicines has transformed my life and she has improved my quality of existence beyond recognition. She is indispensable.

Ms M Beaumont


I have been a patient of Nita Mistry for many years. Nita is a wonderful Osteopath who always, through thoughtful observation and touch, manages to find the weakness and help me back to full strength. I could not recommend her skill more highly.

Mrs R Shakespear

Nita is absolute wonder, taking care of me throughout several periods of severe pain, fixing me up quickly. I recommend her to all my friends.

Mr S Shakespeare


At age 52, I have over 25 years' experience of using osteopaths, naturopaths and healers to keep me on my feet and functioning. From time to time I am forced to find a new practitioner with whom I build a relationship; someone who can developed an understanding of my complex skeletal and soft tissue problems and work with them sensitively and appropriately. In January 2008 I had to seek someone new. I had found Nita after trying three other local people and have been with Nita for over a year now, seeing her regularly every two weeks or so.

From my perspective, she is a Osteopath. Naturopath, and a Healer. Nita undertakes an impressive (if sometimes punishing schedule of clinics in various parts of London and still manages to fit in copious amounts of continued professional development) keeping up with the latest research and medical information. She is not afraid to refer you for treatment that she herself cannot provide for eg, acupuncture and is committed to the welfare of everyone she treats. I can recommend her skills and ethos way above any of the three practitioners I had tried before finding Nita.

Thanks for being there when I need you Nita- You are highly valued.

Ms J. Austin

I had a trapped nerve in my back caused by lifting a case of Sherry incorrectly at work. I could hardly move and was in a tremendous amount of pain. I went to see Nita Mistry who diagnosed my problem within minutes of asking a few questions. She gave me a course of treatment and I started to feel better almost immediately. I was given some exercises to do which helped with reducing my symptoms.

Thank you for everything.

A B Pedersen

Nita has been helping me with so many of my problems. I am very pleased with the results. She is very good and always full of useful advice. Nita has very good treatment approach and manners.

Mrs D Spink


Nita makes me feel completely at ease because of her extraordinary understanding of the body. For many years I have suffered back and neck pains. Nita examines me and she knows exactly what is wrong and fixes the problem. It is easy to be fooled by her tiny appearance, but don't .Her fingers are like tools -strong as steel and at the same time so sensitive that they pick up even the deepest laying problems. Nita's attention and treatment quality is always 100%.

C Christensen

About a year ago I fell and broke my shoulder. After having a number of operations to have it fixed I’ve been suffering from a great deal of pain and my arm always seemed to be swollen. I’ve seen a physiotherapist but I feel they’ve not been of much help with my shoulder so I thought I would see an Osteopath and Nita Mistry came highly recommended. I booked an appointment and had a consultation where I was also examined. Nita got straight to the root of my problem and recommended that I do several exercises on a daily basis. I have been doing them now for a few months and this has helped reduce the swelling in my arm and my movement is not as restricted as it has been.

Many thanks for all the advice and support was greatly appreciated

J A Bell

I had been having problems with my knees for many months and I was telling a friend about my knees and she recommended Nita. She told me that Nita was able to help her. I was warned that Nita is a hard task master and I should follow her advice to the latter. I arranged an appointment and saw Nita, she examined me and explained what my problem was and gave me a few exercise to carry out on several times a day at first I found them hard to do but as I preserved It became easier and I needed to see Nita a couple of times after the consultation and now I’m pain free and feel great

S Chaudry

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Cranial Osteopathy

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